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Migliora le tue abilità di ascolto con domande e risposte divertenti. Elementi base di grammatica inglese. Costruisci la tua base di grammatica per parlare in inglese. Frasi e idiomi. Impara modi di dire e idiomi che sono difficili da tradurre in una lingua diversa. Il colloquio in inglese. Prepararsi per ogni tipo di colloquio tenuto in inglese e aumentare la sicurezza in se stessi. Passi verso un inglese fluente Per parlare un inglese fluente, devi studiare e perfezionare la lettura, l'ascolto e la lingua parlata.

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Vocabolario Inglese. Learn how to study English vocabulary. Watch the video. Improve your English speaking faster by understanding these important rules. Some Assembly Required. The selection of television series that I suggest for improving your English are a little bit more difficult than those suggest for intermediate students. The topics of the language are a little less everyday and there is some slang, fast speech and regional accents. There is also more word play and the speech is more intelligence and sophisticated.

These television series are even more advanced and can be a real challenge even for advanced English speakers. What about films? Are there films for beginners, pre-intermediate and other levels? Generally speaking I would avoid watching films until you have acquired an Advanced level of English listening and comprehension. Films in English often involve dialogue which is fast, with slang, clever word play and idiosyncratic phrases that are entertaining but not particularly representative of everyday language.

The other disadvantage of films is that you only have minutes whereas television series usually have hundreds of episodes. Subtitles in English and even in your native language can sometimes really help you to develop your vocabulary and listening skills. But they can also help you to become more aware of grammatical structures and idioms. You can even watch the same episode several times and change whether you watch with subtitles and in what language. Subtitles in your native language. You can use them to get the general meaning of the television program or film in order to get oriented.

As soon as you can go on to watching television with subtitles in English. Subtitles in English. This will undoubtedly help with your understanding of the film. It will also help you the match the sounds of English with the written word. Noticing these little differences will help you to appreciate how you can say the same thing in two different ways. No subtitles. You might not be able to do this throughout the whole television episode, but at times you should try to picture the sounds you hear as words. Phonetic decodification means being able to translate sounds into strings of letters and words.

Furthermore the material should be where you are. If you like watching films at your desk then load your laptop up. If you spend lots of time on the train then prepare yourself with your smartphone or smartphone. A smart TV or set-top box is best for the living room. DVDs are a great place to start. Amazon has some great deals for box sets. Box sets include all seasons of a particular television and usually the price is cheap compared to buying the seasons individually.

Before buying the DVD I recommend that you test the level by watching some clips on youtube. You can find out more about DVD regions here. Blu Rays also have regions which you should check before buying them. How can you go mobile with DVDs? One way is to buy a mobile DVD player. However the disadvantage is the size and the limited battery life.

Another option is to convert your DVDs into files that you can then watch on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, including iphones and ipads. This is called ripping. So how does ripping work? There is a free version which should be fine or you can upgrade to the premium version if you want more features. Ripping with Apple Mac. Ripping DVDs can sometimes get complicated. Different DVDs use different encoding in order to combat piracy which means that some might be easier to rip than others. Once you have ripped the files you might want to convert the movie into an alternative format.

You can use a program like Handbrake. A quick warning about subtitles.

Migliori App per imparare l'inglese

Sometimes ripping DVDs and converting files can do strange things to the subtitles. Beaware of this issue and experiment to find the best way to rip DVDs while keeping all of the subtitle options. This is another way of watching television and films in English.

ofinerbareme.tk These are sites which have questionable respect for copyright and are often full of advertising and horrible popups. The quality can also be quite low. My advice is to not bother with these sites. Recently there has been an explosion in high quality streaming sites. And if you make the right choice subtitles should be available for pretty much all of the titles.

Of course, most of these sites have mainly television series and films in English. Unfortunately not all streaming services are available in all countries. In other countries the availability is less. A VPN is a sort of private version of the internet and you can choose which country to be in at any time.

For more details see the section on VPNs. Perhaps the most famous streaming service is Netflix. You can find a full list of countries here. At the moment Netflix is the best choice for a streaming service that works well in lots of countries and in combination with a VPN. The films and television programs available in English differ from country to country and can change over time. There are many different types of genres for adults, families and kids.

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The offer includes series such as House of Cards or Orange is the New Black which have been produced directly by Netflix. The cost of the service varies between 5 and 15 dollars depending on what country you live in. As I said. No problem! Amazon has created a paid video streaming service to watch television series and films in English. You can either buy or rent titles. Certain titles are included if you have an Amazon Prime account in that country. See the VPN section for more details.

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You can watch Amazon Instant Video on many devices including your smartphones, tablets, iphone, ipad, set-top boxes such as Roku, smart TVs, smart Blu-Ray players. Packages will vary from country to country and over time. Hulu is a streaming service similar to Netflix but with a difference. There is a free version and a premium version. The free version is more limited and is supported by adverts. The premium version gives you full access without adverts. Hulu is only available in the USA and Japan. Some VPNs work and others have been blocked by Hulu.

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You also need a US credit card to purchase the premium access so it is quite limited unless you live in the US. See here. It has some great television series in English and even some films. Google Play allows you to buy and rent various films to watch on your PC, Android phone or Android tablet.

Unfortunately not all countries have the options of English audio and English subtitles. If you already have television series and films in English on your PC or on a hard drive you can transfer them onto your Android smartphone or tablet and watch them on the go on the train, on the bus or wherever you want. You then need to copy the files from the PC to the Android device. You should see the Android device appear as a hard drive, much as you would a USB pendrive or external hard disk. Your phone or tablet should already have an app that can play these files.

You can rent films and television series and normally the language options are before you buy them so you can watch in English. For more information see here. For more information about how to change audio tracks and subtitles to English see this article. More about that in the section on set-top boxes.

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Some people prefer watching television and films in their sitting room on a normal television, rather than on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. There are various ways you can do this. One way is to connect your laptop to your computer. Another possibility is with USB using a converter.

A smart TV is a normal television with a difference. The difference is that it can be connected to the internet by Wifi or an ethernet cable. This means it receives traditional digital terrestrial television but can also access services like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, BBC iplayer and other streaming services. Obviously you can only access these services if you live in the right country.

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You can use a VPN in combination with a smart TV but it is quite complicated — see the section on flashing your router. Personally speaking I see no advantage of using a smart TV compared to a normal digital television in combination with a set-top box or HDMI dongle. But if you already have one or you like the idea Samsung is a good brand to start with. Set-top boxes are a way of making your normal digital television into a smart television. Basically there are little black boxes that connect both to the internet through wifi or an ethernet cable and to your television usually through a HDMI cable.

These boxes rely on the content streamed by services such as Amazon, Netflix and Apple. This is a box made by Apple TV to access Apple services. It comes with a remote and you can watch films and television series that you buy or rent. You should be able to change subtitles and language options. Obviously you need to be in certain countries to access some of these services or successfully use a VPN in combination with your router.

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Scarica Learn English, Speak English direttamente sul tuo iPhone, iPad e iPod touch. Questa app è disponibile solo sull'App Store per i dispositivi iOS. Compare. Scarica Speak English - Listen, Repeat, Compare direttamente sul tuo iPhone, iPad e iPod touch. Questa app è disponibile solo sull'App Store per i dispositivi iOS. Would you like to improve your English?.

The Roku 3 and the more recent Roku 4 are boxes that allow you to access many of the many streaming services. If you want a set-top box that includes many, many channels without being tied to the service provider like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV then this is the option for you. This is basically a lower-end version of Amazon Fire TV but most of the television watching function is identical. This is a dongle that allows you to stream content from apps on your Android phone or tablet. This means you must have a smartphone or tablet in order to use this dongle.

All of the services and devices described in the other sections are not specifically designed for learners of English. They are for general consumption. TV is a Russian service that specializes in providing the latest television series and films especially for English students. Many of the programs listed in this article are available. You can watch an episode per day for free or pay around 5 euros per month for unlimited access. As with other services access to Ororo.

TV will vary depending on where you live. For example in Italy and Russia it is available. The added feature is that you can pause the film and click on any of the words to translate them into your own language! You can even add the words into a personalized wordlist. A VPN is a sort of private version of the internet.

You can use a VPN to access the internet of different countries. This is useful because some streaming and download services are only available in certain countries. There are some free solutions and some paid solutions. Remember, that the free solutions may be free but there may be aggressive advertising and they might be making money from your data. I personally use a paid solution. How does it work?